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I absolutely love to garden. It wasn’t until recently that someone asked me “why?” And really made me think.

Where did this passion come from? And really what did I love so much?

To me, it was always just fun. I loved seeing my garden spring up from seeds and end up providing for us. I love the colorful flowers and the gorgeous ripe vegetables that appear.

I started gardening, as most children do, during my childhood, planting flowers with my mom in the gardens at our home.

I loved everything about being outside, digging in the dirt, and watching the flowers bloom and flourish.

There’s something so satisfying about seeing success after working so hard to develop.

We filled our garden with geraniums, vinca, hanging ferns, lilies, and hostas mostly.

We had a lilac bush that I adored and a mimosa bush that was beautiful until it finally wilted for good.

I always had ideas to expand and try new flowers and plants, but let’s just say mom did not have a green thumb. We stuck to what was easy and didn’t need much tending.

We also, like many families with small children, did not have the time needed to tend to a full lush garden.

As I grew, my love for gardening grew and so did my ambition.

We live near several farms and orchards and I became curious about growing my own food for my family and dreams of owning a produce stand, even a farm someday began brewing.

So about 4 years ago I tilled up a 4 ft by 5ft square in my yard, with nothing but a shovel, and set out on my mission.


To have an absolutely outstanding garden!

.. and let me tell you.. it wasn’t exactly pretty at first! Stay tuned and I’ll tell you exactly how it went!

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