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Hey Y’all and welcome to Happily Homegrown! I’m so excited to start sharing with you. I’ll start with a little extended “about me” so you can get REALLY dive into this page.

My name is Michelle, 26. I love being creative. I’ve always done things like dancing, figure skating, music, writing..well you get the idea! I love being able to make something fantastic out of next to nothing. That’s my point here!

Currently, I am a full time working girl, musician and songwriter, Scentsy Independent Consultant, Home maker, animal and outdoor lover, gardener, and craft addict. I love to cook and I’m obsessed with my dog. I live with my fantastic boyfriend who helps make all of my ridiculous hobbies and dreams accessible and possible.

I love life. I have a need to share stories and life lessons and I hope to share them with you! On my page you will soon find all of my favorite recipes, gardening to do’s and what not to do’s, crafts and home decor projects I takes on, projects we create from scraps, and much more! I said it before, but again, I am by no means an expert. I am simply taking you on my journey of life lessons and creations, many of which are the result of trial and error.

Bottom line is I’m a regular person who likes to learn a little bit of everything. If you are too, we will get along just fine! Subscribe on my hope page and keep up with my crazy creations and adventures!


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