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“One man’s trash is another man’s treasure.” We’ve all heard this phrase. But how literally do we take this? As a child I took it as sarcasm. This was used to tell me I was being wasteful of something someone else would appreciate.

As an adult I understand that literally, someone’s trash has potential to become a treasure.

As I discussed in my post “Patio Refresh,” sometimes the worn out, grungy things we see really can become something more.


So before you throw things away, think! Is it salvageable? Can I use it? Can I sell it?

We all want to declutter, but let’s not do it at  the risk of wasting good DIY material!

Now, when we started out in this DIY journey (we’re still in our infant stage) we had just moved and wanted to try and make some extra money by selling, and save some extra money by making things we need, gifts, etc. instead of buying.

Anyone who went through the first stages of living with a significant other in your first tiny home will understand!

We needed to be frugal. But that’s what happens when you’re starting out.

So being frugal (okay let’s face it, we can be SUPER cheap), our allowance for materials was at absolutely $0.  Rough start.

Then we got to brainstorming. My boyfriend works in construction and has access to a lot of scrap wood and pallets. Which is beautiful, but not everyone has that at their finger tips (and not all scrap wood is useable… we’ve seen some doozies!).


So we decided we would also take to the streets!

And dumpsters.

And trash piles.

We scavenged.

And we made out quite well. We currently have more wood, pallets, fencing, you name it, than we can keep up with. So where to start?

Starting with the zero cost options to hunt down wood, pallets, used furniture, and other various DIY items…

  • Lumber yards will usually leave extra pallets and scrap wood in a bin or on the curb for free. Check out your local lumber company and don’t be afraid to ask if they have pallets to get rid of!
  • Warehouses will often do the same with shipping pallets
  • Houses with for sale signs- watch as time goes on. If someone is moving, they’re likely to put old (sometimes useable) furniture and other items out.
  • Drive around! You never know what people will throw out that you can work with!

Those are the free options we’ve had success with. Sometimes it’s a little awkward and also, it can get dirty, but trust me it’s worth it to just get past that and get what you need.

Plus, if your into DIY projects.. this is just the beginning of getting your hands dirty!

The next list will cost money, but they are usually reasonable.

  • Flea markets- the prices will already be good, but you can always haggle a little if need be
  • Thrift stores- prices are set but typically very low
  • Yard, garage, and moving sales- people want to clean out so you can always find some great deals!

Using these tips and places, you’ll be able to find a lot of great material. You can get wood and building material and also things to refinish, restore, and use or resell!

We may have just started but we’ve made some pretty good DIY items already and have tons in the works! I’ll share each with you as they come together!

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