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You know that feeling when you dig out your summer patio furniture and accents to find them all faded, tangled, and chipped? It’s awful. I know. Summer is my favorite and that moment of disappointment is the worst!

There’s always morning and groaning over what gets trashed and what’s salvageable.

Then there’s the waiting period. Waiting to be able to afford a new patio set. Waiting to have time to fix it.

Waiting to enjoy your outdoor living space while beautiful weather is wasting away and the sun is all but begging to be basked in.

Okay maybe that was a bit dramatic but ask my boyfriend, that’s how I was before we got our patio situated. We live in a very tiny house and I wanted that outdoor space more than my dog wants my chicken when she’s begging at the dinner table.

While his extremely generous parents gifted us a very nice new patio set, we also had a nice wrought iron bistro set that I couldn’t bear to see trashed.

It was painted black and was fading and chipping terribly. I hate to see beautiful pieces like that go to rust and lose their beauty.

So on a trip to The hardware store, we decided we should paint it and make it an eye catching garden piece.

Agreeing on a color was the hardest part of this refresh. I said teal. He said black. I said blue and he said gray. We settled on a blueish-gray color that of course did not exist in spray paint.

We had to really walk through the paint section to choose and ended up picking the coolest thing!

Rustoleum makes textured paint. We picked a sandy colored textured paint and created a whole new look for this set!

We started by scraping as much of the black off as we could with wire brushes and heavy sand paper. We blew off all the excess and dirt with the leaf blower and got to painting.

Initially, we bought five cans and two cans of primer. If you take on this project, be advised, you will need about 8 cans to get a full solid coating on top and the undersides.  The two cans of primer was plenty for our purposes. The outcome is worth it, though!

As simple as that we revamped our tired old bistro into a fresh, bright and cheery, garden piece. You can see the transition in the pictures!

So next time you consider trashing your summer outdoor pieces, think. Can I refresh this? If you’re not going to use it, you can always flip it! Refresh and resell! Making a few extra dollars never hurts and no furniture has to get wasted!

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