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No, my dear pumpkins haven’t come to life in a legendary Sleepy Hollow fashion… yet anyway.

Pumpkins were the wildcard this year. Every year I plant 4 plants that I repeat every year (squash, cucumbers, tomatoes, beans) and I throw in a new one or two (or three if I’m super ambitious).

I’ve tried corn, watermelon, cantaloupe, etc. usually the vine plants don’t do well with the limited space I have.

Pumpkins have broken that mold. In fact, they’ve broken right through the garden borders.

My pumpkins were started with the thought, “eh, why not.” I didn’t really expect them to do well honestly. I hoped, but I’d never grown them before, so I wasn’t sure what to expect.

I only started a few seeds (as I said, not expecting much) and was I ever wrong!

A side note: this year, I moved to a new house with a small backyard, so my garden is now split into sections.

The tomatoes have a raised box bed, the squash and beans are together against the house and the peppers, cucumbers, and pumpkins  have an elongated bed by my shed.

I thought my pumpkins might do well since this bed was longer, and I gave them the widest corner section. This was accurate, they’re doing very well.

So well actually, that my whole tiny yard may become a pumpkin patch. I am totally okay with this because I LOVE pumpkins.

Pumpkin plants grow FAST! And big under the right circumstances. In my case, it just took the right soil prep, a little prayer, and a good amount of rain.

I used to water them every other day, but noticed they were wilting from being overwatered (the leaves will start to sag and become a washed out yellow color), so I stopped for a few days.

The next time they got water was about 4 days later with a giant rain storm. (I credit this to God as my garden began to die and I prayed that it wouldn’t… and cried a little too).

After that storm, everything flourished. I now have the most lush and gorgeous plants I’ve ever had.

But back to the pumpkins. Holy Cow! I was ever so unprepared! And who knew these things latched on to so much!

I’ve started using my tomato stakes (they don’t work for my tomatoes) for my pumpkins to expand on.

I cut them down to avoid the pumpkins climbing high.. something tells me pumpkins won’t grow hanging in the air like that!

Previously, they were latched to sticks, other plants, even blades of grass! The stakes are definitely helping.

For this particular garden plot, I’m glad I did not use my usual 2 foot chicken wire fencing. They definitely would have grown upward and that is NOT where you want pumpkins. They should spread, not climb.

I accidentally let my cantaloupes climb one year and it was bad news! These plants need to be on the ground in order to produce.

To summarize,

Pumpkins grow insanely fast with the right anoint of sun and water.

Don’t overwater your pumpkins, if there’s no rain for a week.. I do every other day. Pay attention to the weather!

Don’t let your pumpkins climb up! They should spread out

Give them something to latch on to. Garden stakes have been a good option for me.

You should continue to do all other garden “rituals” as you would with any plants. Punpkins need the same nourishment even though they grow faster and fuller.

The pumpkin tale is to be continued!

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