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Hello all and happy Independence Day! (Or 4th of july if you prefer!) 

I hope you all have a day full of family and festivities! I’m sure there will be barbecues and drinks all around this evening, and definitely don’t miss the fireworks! 

Since you’re all just getting to know me, you should know this is one of my absolute favorite holidays (only second to Christmas). 

I love the spirit and pride that comes along with the 4th. The music, parades, fireworks and celebration. 

Since I’m such a little hometown girl, my town does it all. We start with a pageant on the 3rd, road race the morning of, then the parade, all complete with incredible fireworks that night. I cannot wait! 

Now this post isn’t necessarily a lesson or a DIY, or a recipe, today. 

I just wanted to take time to ask that on this holiday, we all take a minute to remember what this day means. 

Take a minute to put aside your political differences and opinions and spend time with your family enjoying the freedom this country gives us.

Remember the veterans who fought for that and the soldiers who still do. Remember to say a prayer for them. 

Remember those who gave their lives. 

Remember why our founding fathers fought for independence. 

Embrace everything that this day is about and go out and celebrate with your community. Not everyone has the opportunity to do this, so take a minute to appreciate it. 

Appreciate your families, your friends, your freedom, and your country. 

Today is not about republicans bs democrats, liberals vs conservatives. It’s about the whole collective country the way our founding fathers envisioned it. 

This is the day, in 1776, when the Declaration of Independence was signed, declaring our freedom once and for all from oppression. 

Remember and embrace that this Independence Day, and every day. 

Realize how vast and incredible that actually is. Not all countries have this freedom. Not everyone gets the choices and options that we do. 

I hope you all have an absolutely amazing day full of BBQ s and family. 

Be safe, embrace it, and enjoy! 

Happy Independence Day! 

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