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We all know that funds can get low sometimes and we need to save wherever we can, groceries included. Enter: my incredibly easy home made pasta recipe.

The beauty of this pasta recipe is that it doesn’t require any fancy tools (of course a pasta maker is recommended, but you can make some types of pasta without one).

However, if you’re looking for ease and variety, you can find very inexpensive pasta makers on amazon.


I love home made pasta. I’m sure we can all agree that fresh is best and there’s nothing like home made.

what are the ingredients? Flour and eggs! That’s it!

I recommend 1.5 cups of flour and two eggs. With this you can make enough fettuccini for four people, or two people with large servings/multiple.

This also depends on how large you make your noodles.

This is step one.

Mix the eggs and flour with a mixer on a low setting, or just a wooden spoon, like I do to keep it all together.

It may seem to fall apart a little, in this case you can add water (in minuscule amounts… like 1/2 teaspoon at a time!) until the mixture blends together correctly.

Here is my mixed product. It should be doughy, not watery. You want to be able to ball it up.

I cut my ball in half and focus on one half at a time. Roll it out on a floured surface with a rolling pin.

Fold in half and roll the dough again.

If you have a pasta maker, here is where you’ll want to run through the flat setting once, fold, then once more.

Its okay if your pasta sheet is a little holy or torn, just fold it and roll through again.

Without a pasta maker, roll out with a pin on a floured surface until the dough is relatively thin, fold in half and repeat until you’re satisfied with your doughs consistency and shape.

No pasta maker again?

Use a knife or even a pizza cutter to cut the noodles into whatever shape you like.

If you have a pasta maker, pick your setting and roll the sought through VERY SLOWLY.

Tortoise speed.

actually slower. Seriously this is the key.

Too fast and your pasta will get stuck and not have a clean cut.

Please note that it takes a lot of patience to separate your noodles sometimes coming out of the machine.

Now, once your noodles are cut, you want to hang them to dry. 

A clothes hanger is fine for this. (You’ll need more than one, I had three plus bowyies drying on a sheet).

For bow ties, and other short noodles, cover a cookie sheet with parchment paper and a little flour, and lay out to dry.

Your noodles should dry for 15 minutes at LEAST before cooking. I usually allow 25 minutes just for good measure.


Once your pasta is dry, you’re ready to cook it (as you would normal pasta, boiling water) or store it for later.

trust me, you’ll want to try this recipe! It’s a lot of fun and not too difficult. Anyone can do it!

Give it a try, and let me know how your pasta came out!


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