• Be grateful for what you have, create the things you want
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Hi Y’all! My name is Michelle aka “The Garden State Belle.” Thanks for clicking to meet me!

I come from a very small town in South Jersey where I’ve learned the values of a country lifestyle.

Work hard, love hard, play hard. Provide for yourself and your family, never quit, give everything all you’ve got. Just a few values I’ve learned from my little hometown.

I love to create.

I love to garden, cook, and learn.

I’m a singer, a full time worker, Scentsy Independent Consultant, a figure skater, and a home maker. So you can expect a few different topics from my page!

I admit that I am by no means an expert in some of the things I will post about, just very passionate. A lot of it is what I have learned from trial and error and obstacles in life.

I am a very passionate gardener and I love to create things in the kitchen! I love to build and paint and make homes beautiful. I have a slight obsession with houses and home decor.

One of those obsessions is my dear Scentsy. I love it so much! If you would like to check it out give my page a visit at scentsationalchelle.scentsy.us.

My goal is to help you avoid some of the obstacles that I have encountered by learning from my mistakes and laughing with me at some of the outcomes.

Along with all of my other passions listed, I have a passion for helping people and teaching life lessons.


Every post is written with the best intention for my readers and is from my own real life experience. No false fluff, no lies, just regular advice from a regular homegrown girl.

If you love to learn new things and be creative, we will get along just fine!

Bottom line: I am just a regular person who loves to be resourceful and see what I am capable of!


Disclaimer: this page contains an affiliate links. This means that the author receives commission per sale to this company. 

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